Removing a LCK file

Robert Graham Merkel
Mon, 4 Dec 2000 16:36:05 +1100

Ed Bacon writes:
 > Robert,
 > Thanks for the quick reply.  Here is exactly what happened.
 > 1) Had a working gnucash in /home/ewb/gnucash
 > 2) made a CD backup of /home/*
 > 3) installed a new hard drive
 > 4) restored /home/*
 > The owner/group of all of my gnucash files were root/root after I restored them from the CD.
 > Changing the owner/group to ewb/users doesn't help.   If I run gnucash as root then I can
 > open the files (a recent discovery).  Do you happen to know what the permissions should be
 > for gnucash files?  600? 660? 666?  Does it matter?

Well, you need read and write permission on gnucash files, as well as
read and write permission for the directory with the gnucash files in
it, so 600 for the files and 700 for the directory should be
sufficient, if I remember my file permissions correctly :)

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