Removing a LCK file

Ed Bacon
Tue, 05 Dec 2000 05:02:43 +0000


Thanks for the quick reply.  Here is exactly what happened.

1) Had a working gnucash in /home/ewb/gnucash
2) made a CD backup of /home/*
3) installed a new hard drive
4) restored /home/*

The owner/group of all of my gnucash files were root/root after I restored them from the CD.
Changing the owner/group to ewb/users doesn't help.   If I run gnucash as root then I can
open the files (a recent discovery).  Do you happen to know what the permissions should be
for gnucash files?  600? 660? 666?  Does it matter?

Robert Graham Merkel wrote:

> Ed Bacon writes:
>  > When I start gnucash and try to open my files I get a message that I need
>  > to remove the LCK file.  As root I searched the entire filesystem
>  > for a lock file and couldn't find one that belonged to gnucash.  Have
>  > any of you experienced this?  If so, could you give me advice on how
>  > to access my files again?
> Unfortunately, that message can come up even when the lock file isn't
> the problem.
> Do you have a recent (but not absolutely current backup of your files
> that was working before you had your current difficulties, and hasn't
> been modified since?
> If so, MAKE A COPY OF YOUR THE CURRENT FILE AND YOUR BACKUP and put at least one copy on a
> seperate medium in a safe place.
> Next, copy the backup and the current version to a fresh directory,
> and try to open one, then the other.  What happens?
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