Removing a LCK file

Sam Walker
Sun, 03 Dec 2000 22:23:56 -0600

Ed Bacon wrote:

> When I start gnucash and try to open my files I get a message that I
> need to remove the LCK file.  As root I searched the entire filesystem
> for a lock file and couldn't find one that belonged to gnucash.  Have
> any of you experienced this?  If so, could you give me advice on how
> to access my files again?
> Thanks,
> Ed Bacon
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  I've experience the same problem when playing with QIF imports.  The
LCK file should be in the same directory as the file you are trying to
open.  And has the format "yourfilename.LCK".  Just delete the LCK file
and you should be able to open the file again.

  The LCK file is created by gnucash to prevent the file from being
opened multiple times simultaneously.  Gnucash will delete the LCK if it
exits cleanly, but if it crashes it may leave the LCK file.

Hope this helps.