transaction auto-completion

Phillip J Shelton
Tue, 05 Dec 2000 22:09:34 +1000

Dave Peticolas wrote

> > memos) that you can't see.  One way to fix it would be not to copy memos at
> > all, though I could see situations where you would want them copied too.
> > Maybe make it dependent on the mode that you're in?  only copy memos if you
> > can see them?
> Only copying what you can see atm seems to limited to me.
> Let's say you want to auto-complete a transaction with lots
> of splits (say a paycheck). Only copying what is displayed
> would leave out all those splits, unless you were in multi-line
> mode. I don't think that is very useful behavior.

Was not the suggestion to only not copy the memo's?  You can copy splits without