transaction auto-completion

Dave Peticolas
Tue, 05 Dec 2000 12:31:05 -0800

Phillip J Shelton writes:
> Dave Peticolas wrote
> > > memos) that you can't see.  One way to fix it would be not to copy memos 
> at
> > > all, though I could see situations where you would want them copied too.
> > > Maybe make it dependent on the mode that you're in?  only copy memos if y
> ou
> > > can see them?
> >
> > Only copying what you can see atm seems to limited to me.
> > Let's say you want to auto-complete a transaction with lots
> > of splits (say a paycheck). Only copying what is displayed
> > would leave out all those splits, unless you were in multi-line
> > mode. I don't think that is very useful behavior.

> Was not the suggestion to only not copy the memo's?  You can copy
> splits with out memo's??

Right, but the reason offered was that they were not visible.
If you're not going to copy things which aren't displayed,
then for consistency you shouldn't be copying any part of
splits. Only omitting memo fields seems rather arbitrary
and unintuitive. What is the underlying principle?