gnc-prices cannot retrieve fund prices?
Mon, 11 Dec 2000 22:10:32 +0100

I installed the new release 1.4.9 of gnucash and run gnc-prices with
Finance::quote v 1.04.
This works fine for DaimlerChrysler (710000.F), e.g.
But it doensn't seem to be possible to retrieve prices for mutual funds.
For any mutual fund I get the error-message: Lookup of ../.. failed:
Stock lookup failed.
Threadneedle European Selection (security 987663.F) via Yahoo Europe
Fidelity International Fund (security 973269) via Fidelity
Frankfurt Trust Interspezial (security 847800.F) via Yahoo Europe
(I am able to get the prices from

Nevertheless all tests for Finance::Quote were successful during build.
I cannot believe that this is a problem with gnc-prices.

Can anybody please tell me what's wrong??

Thanks in advance