Installation on Solaris 8

Jon Saperia
Tue, 19 Dec 2000 16:04:51 -0500

> any chance its still gzipped?  If you downloaded w/ netscape, 
> it sometimes plays this trick on you, telling it ungzipped, but it
> didn't.
> Try renaming GNUcash.1.4.9.Solaris.8.sparc to g.gz, and then ungzip,
> and then pkgadd.
> ---
> the opposite may also be true: I think the pjg format is natively
> compressed, and maybe netscape uncompressed it without telling you.
> You might want to downl;oad using ftp, and verify the package size.

The problem was that netscrape removed the .gz without any
feedback. There is a good  faq that I was pointed to this morning at:

Now I have to collect the various libraries. I was going to post a note
about all the places to get the dependencies and get them going when the
person I am working with this on and I finally got everything right. 

Thanks for the pointers