Newbie questions

Marcel Felgentraeger
Tue, 26 Dec 2000 09:29:36 +0100

Hi everybody.

I finally got down to write this mail and its got a lot of questions in it. I
hope somebody can help me out, but I am quite confident that this will be the
case :-)

I have read in the archives that there were attempts to add a function for
scheduled events. I was wondering if somebody is still working on it and how
far it has come till now. As a former user of Quicken, this is one of the
functions I miss the most.

The next question is concerning the right way to handle stock options. In my
case I have options for say 10 stocks from my company. I had to pay 1 Eur each
to show that I accept the options. In two years I can change my options into
stocks for say 50 Eur. The problem is: I don't have any idea how to handle
this. Would it be right to add the options to my depot? But than I would have
to insert the price of 50 Eur, which I have not yet payed. On the other hand I
want to keep track of my theoretical wealth. Should I add the 500 Eur minus the
10 Eur I have allready payed to a liability account and than add the stocks to
my depot or ..... see, I have no idea. I hope someone can helpt me.

And last but not least: how can I learn scheme (I hope that the right name)? I
am quite interested in writing scripts for the reports but I have only a very
minimal programming background. The documentations I have found so far were all
online, which is quite inconvienent when living in Germany. Maybe someone can
point me to a site where I can download the documentation or recommend a good

Jup, thats all for now.
Merry Xmas and a happy new year.