report issue

Mon, 25 Dec 2000 10:59:40 -0800

--------SNIP-----how do i setup gnucash so that i don't have to deal
with double entry..i mean i
tried creating "bank" account but it still forces double entry and when
i deposit
i don't want a - sign next to it :)LOL----END SNIP----

Okay forget that snip :)LOL
don't ask me how but the bank account is now working right......maybe my
version wasn't working right dunno......anyway i have 1.4.9-1 and all

one thing still though.....I can't figure out how to get reports to do
something on lines of giving me

up to date info :

chevron          $53.25
target           $135.99

an itemized total in other words like similar apps..

i've tried various report paramaters and i guess i'm not getting it

thanks and merry christmas and thanks for such a nice app!!!!!!!!!!!