Quicken import: split transactions, reconciled transactions...

Michael W. Carney Michael.Carney@eng.sun.com
Wed, 27 Dec 2000 09:47:25 -0800

Hi folks,

I've been using quicken since '94, and earlier this week I installed
1.4.8 of gnucash and followed the import instructions.

I've got thousands of transactions, and the import feature of gnucash
worked wonderfully. I'm very impressed. I first built my tree of
accounts in gnucash to closely match my quicken environment, and the
import feature got it all right! Kudos to the developers of this

Thanks to gPhoto and gnucash, I no longer will need my windows partition

I've two questions:

1) After the import, all transactions which were reconciled in my
quicken accounts show up as cleared in gnucash. Any suggestions on how I
should get my accounts reconciled as they were in quicken?

2) I've got a couple of mortgages, with split transactions for
principal, escrow, etc. I see that gnucash has converted these splits
into multiple entries, account "split". I can't jump to this "account",
so split must be a special category. Any suggestions on how I should
organize my accounts such that I can track the various escrow items and
interest? (gnucash seems to be doing the right thing with the
principal). The documentation seems rather thin on split transactions
(the doc in the gnucash RPMs or at the web site).