another newbie

Stephen Walton
Fri, 29 Dec 2000 23:33:49 -0800 (PST)


I've been looking into using Gnucash as an alternative to commercial
packages, mainly.  As background, I've used Phasar on an Amiga for my
household accounting for 10+ years, so I'm used to a rather spartan

I've found that reading through the messages in the gnucash-user archive
with "newbie" in the subject answered most of my questions, and I think I
understand the thing now.  Probably the best thread was the one headed
"Newbie's experience with gnucash" in the October archive.  I'll probably
mainly lurk on the list, but will also second the recent comment/question
about the tutorial manual which Carol Chapmpagne mentioned she was working
on back in October;  wondering about the progress and volunteering as a
proofreader/guinea pig.  There is a really good tutorial at the beginning
of the Phasar manual which I could probably photocopy and send to an
interested person.

One more thing:  Several users' messages seem to be getting onto the
mailing list archive in base64 rather than plain text format.  Who should
be asked about fixing this?

Stephen Walton, Professor of Physics and Astronomy,
California State University, Northridge