design doc: debits and credits

Dave Peticolas
Mon, 11 Sep 2000 00:02:29 -0700

Michael Leary writes:
> I hate to nit, and I realize that everyone surely knows this ... but ... I wa
> just looking at one of the design docs ( xacc/src/doc/design/engine.texinfo )
> where it says:
> "Positive Split values are 'debits' and negative Split values are 'credits'.
> Forcing the Splits to 'add up' to zero causes a double-entry accounting syste
> to always balance."
> No.  Debit or credit has nothing to do with whether something is positive or
> negative -- in fact a negative split value would most likely point to

We understand :) When you implement a double-entry system, you must
somehow indicate whether an entry is a debit or a credit. We implement
it using the sign on the amount. The src/doc/design docs are for developers
who need to understand how the internals of GnuCash are structured and