Euro support

Andrea Borgia
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 18:29:48 +0200

Ok, I've enabled it because mutual funds are quoted in Euros, but I
was expecting to see GnuCash display the values both in ITL and EUR,
instead I only get ITL.

Real question: what is Euro support supposed to do? Enable you to
enter a transaction in a different currency as if it were your own or
Euro? Or what else?

=46or example, I debited my cash and bank accounts (both ITL) to buy
some shares in a mutual fund, but share prices (stocks and funds) in
Europe are expressed in Euro (EUR). For the time being, I have set up
a fake account to hold shares with prices in ITL, but I'd like to
debit in ITL and buy shares in EUR.


P.S.: after this string of questions, now I wait for the replies...
you're safe from me for the moment ;-)

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