Window auto-sizing, default date ranges

kjordan kjordan@lulu.Colorado.EDU
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 21:57:28 -0600 (MDT)


   I'm running GnuCash 1.4.1 under KDE (horrors!).  When I open a
register window, the transaction entries aren't always completely
visible in their cells.  Flukily enough, I found that by
double-clicking the heading of a column, the column automagically
resizes itself -- resizing the entire window if need be -- so that all
entries in that column are perfectly visible.  Oh bliss!  But while
I'm generally not averse to the odd double-click here and there, my
overwhelming tendency towards general slothfulness makes me wish the
window -- and all columns -- would just pop up all perfectly sized
when the window is first opened.  Is that possible?  Or will I forever
be forced to exert excruciating effort applying the mighty

   My second question again leans towards slothful nirvana and
concerns reports.  When I go to view a report -- let's use the `Profit
and Loss' report as an example -- I can set parameters such as the
date ranges for which the report will show data.  Can I set defaults
for these dates?  Right now, the `From' date defaults to 12/31/1999
and the `To' date defaults to the current date.  Can I change these

Thanks for the help,