Robert Graham Merkel
Fri, 15 Sep 2000 00:45:41 +1100 writes:
 > Just a quick note that when I first downloaded gnucash, the text in all of
 > the reports was white, making it impossible to see anything in the
 > reports.  After searching the UI of gnucash sufficiently, looking for an
 > option to change the report text color, I only found a solution in editing
 > some of the scheme files in the install directory.
 > What I ended up changing was just HTML, adding "text=#000000" to every
 > place I found a body tag.  Yay!  Now I can actually see the reports.  =)
 > If anyone else has this problem, I can give you a patch for each of the
 > files I changed.  It seems though that the built in HTML interpreter has a
 > text color of white for some reason on my install.  I am using gnucash
 > 1.4.6. 

No, we don't have this problem.  On my machine the reports
have black text on a yellow background.

Was this with every type of report?  Did you install from the RPM, or 
from source?  

Could you provide some details of:
* your distribution.
* the version of the GNOME libraries you have installed - especially
the version of gtkxmhtml.

Would you also be able to send me a copy of the buggy HTML from a
(non-sensitive) report?

Hopefully, we can track this one down.
Robert Merkel