work around for save problem?

Cory Waddingham
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 18:10:07 -0700

First, hello.

Second, my problem: I just downloaded GnuCash 1.5.1 and started playing with 
it. Unfortunately, I can't save the accounts I've created to any files. I 
looked through the developer list archives, and saw that this is a recurring 
bug in several versions of GnuCash. What I didn't see was:
1) Is there a work around for this problem? I can run reports, is there a way 
to use this, or another feature, to save a file that GnuCash can later read on 
it's own?
2) Is there any way to use the transaction log to recreate what I've done?

Other points: I'm running RedHat Linux 6.2 and installed the RPM version of 
GnuCash. Unfortunately, I didn't start it from a command line (I used the 
GNOME launcher), so there's no output to a screen.

The documentation is pretty sparse, any pointers would be appreciated. I 
really don't want to lose the hour or so of work I've already put into this, 
and if I can't save my work there's not much use to it. Thanks in advance.