work around for save problem?

Robert Graham Merkel
Sat, 23 Sep 2000 12:37:03 +1100

Cory Waddingham writes:
 > First, hello.
 > Second, my problem: I just downloaded GnuCash 1.5.1 and started playing with 
 > it. Unfortunately, I can't save the accounts I've created to any files. I 
 > looked through the developer list archives, and saw that this is a recurring 
 > bug in several versions of GnuCash. 

Thanks for the bug report.  

As far as we know, it's been thoroughly squashed in the 1.4.x series, 
which is the current stable series.  The 1.5.x series is a
*development* series, and will have bugs.  If all you want to do is
manage your finances, please stick with 1.4.6, which has been
thoroughly tested and highly stable.

However, we'd very much like to fix the bug in 1.5.1.  AFAIK, you're
the first person to complain of this problem with this version.  What,
precisely, is happening?  Is it crashing when you attempt to save?
Is it apparently saving, but not creating any files?  Is the file
being saved unreadable?

> What I didn't see was:
 > 1) Is there a work around for this problem? I can run reports, is there a way 
 > to use this, or another feature, to save a file that GnuCash can later read on 
 > it's own?


 > 2) Is there any way to use the transaction log to recreate what I've done?
Manually, yes.  Automatically, no.

A totally new file format is going to enter the main tree very soon,
BTW, which is going to have lots of nice features such as being
text-based, and will have automated log recovery.

 > Other points: I'm running RedHat Linux 6.2 and installed the RPM version of 
 > GnuCash. Unfortunately, I didn't start it from a command line (I used the 
 > GNOME launcher), so there's no output to a screen.
 > The documentation is pretty sparse, any pointers would be
 > appreciated. 

We try to make the documentation clear, but good documentation is hard
to do.  Additionally, the documentation for the new features in 1.5.x is
inevitably going to lag behind the features themselves.  

However, please tell us what additional information you need, and
we'll certainly attempt to improve the documentation.  Good
documentation is very important to us!

 > I really don't want to lose the hour or so of work I've already put into this, 
 > and if I can't save my work there's not much use to it. 

We'll see what we can do.

Robert Merkel