problem switching from 1.4.1 to 1.4.6

Hans de Graaff
23 Sep 2000 09:35:31 +0200

On Sun, 17 Sep 2000, wrote:

> This weekend I cleared out some space on her box and installed RH
> 6.2 (same as what I'm running) on hers, copied the xac and log files
> from my box to hers (put 'em in her ~/gnucash directory) then
> downloaded and installed 1.4.6 from the RH 6.x RPM.

If you only copied the .xac and .log files that may be the
problem. The .xac are backup files, and the .log files are log files,
but there should also be the actual file itself.

> Just now I deinstalled 1.4.1 and installed 1.4.6 on _my_ box and
> guess what? it works fine!

Because the actual file is still there.