Hyperlinked Reports

Robert Graham Merkel rgmerk@mira.net
Tue, 26 Sep 2000 12:07:15 +1100

kjordan writes:
 > Hi, 
 >    I use reports a lot to get a quick snapshot of what's going with my
 > accounts -- particularly the Profit and Loss report.  Something that
 > would be *extremely* useful for me is if some reports contained
 > hyperlinks which linked to other reports.  In particular, it would be
 > really nice if all the accounts listed in the Profit and Loss report
 > were hyperlinked to the Account Balance Tracker report for that
 > particular account.  Then, when I'm looking at the pnl report, I could
 > just click on, say, my Expenses/Entertainment account and up would pop
 > the Account Balance Tracker report for Expenses/Entertainment.  Is
 > such a thing possible?
 >    I have been able to alter some of the reports -- for example, I
 > figured out how to change the default date ranges for various reports
 > -- but I don't know at all how I would go about inserting hyperlinks
 > to other reports, or even if such a thing is possible.  I don't know
 > scheme, and my lisp is very rudimentary (at the level of simple .emacs
 > stuff).
Currently, we don't support this, but it's an excellent idea and on
the agenda.  On my todo list is a new reporting framework design, and
this is one of the things it will support.

I'm going to try and do some prototyping on graphs first, but as soon
as I get that done I'll get out a proposal out for this.

Robert Merkel	                           rgmerk@mira.net