Ignacio Valdes
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 12:56:31 -0500

"Al B. Snell" wrote:

> On Thu, 28 Sep 2000, Ignacio Valdes wrote:
> > I tried GNUcash a few months ago and it seemed really good.  However, as
> > far as I could tell it lacked invoicing so I couldn't use it.  I am a
> > consultant and I bill my clients monthly by job for example: office
> > visit  2 hrs  $65 which can occur multiple times in one month.
> > Additionally, the client payment does not usually come in on time (1
> > month) so I need to check them off as paid as they come in.  I'm
> > currently using the little Invoicing doohickey wizard that comes with
> > the dreaded MS Excel 97.  While limited, it is adequate but I'd like to
> > use something open source with more possibility of 'real' accounting.
> > How far along is GNUcash in this respect? Are there other open source
> > solutions that might do this?
> When I issue an invoice, I make a transfer from an Income account for
> Sales to a Trade Debtors asset account. I keep Sales and Trade Debtors
> accounts for each client. When they pay, I transfer from Trade Debtors to
> Cash or Bank as appropriate.
> Any ideas where I should handle VAT here, UK people?
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Okay, but it didn't seem like I could actually print out an invoice which is
what I need to do. -- IV