downgrading data files

Haines Brown
Thu, 16 Aug 2001 18:46:09 -0400

> > So is there a utility that will safely convert datafiles back to a
> > lower level, from that of gnucash 1.6 to gnucash 1.4?
> There is no such utility.


As I suspected, but I probably should have asked a more leading
question. My gnome database will only be usable with gnucash 1.6, and
if I understand correctly, gnucash 1.6 presumes Gnome 1.4 unless one
ventures to enter a jungle of infinitely regressive dependencies.

So, in effect, the obvious thing for me to do, despite my disastrous
experience of upgrading to GNOME 1.4 while under RedHat 7.0 and then
to RedHat 71., is to upgrade to GNOME 1.4 now that I'm running RedHat
7.1. If I manage that, I can install and run gnucash 1.6 without
problem. Can anyone assure me that it is possible to upgrade to Gnome
1.4 under Red Hat 7.1 without disastor?

    Haines Brown