Incorrect fill-in using auto-split

Dave Peticolas
19 Aug 2001 13:36:39 -0700

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On 19 Aug 2001 15:17:06 -0500, Dale Alspach wrote:
> Gnucash has a counterproductive behavior (or maybe I am not doing somethi=
> the way it was intended). If I am entering transaction into a checking
> account with auto-split on (gnucash 1.6.1), gnucash automatically
> puts into  a new transaction a number obtained from the last transaction
> entered. For example I pay a bill for $20. The next transaction is to pay
> another bill. I partially enter the name in the memo field and gnucash
> suggests the correct completion so I hit Enter. Now gnucash has put 20 in=
> checking account deposit column. Now I have to delete that number and put=
> correct amount in the withdrawal column. I would rather gnucash did nothi=
> or duplicate an earlier transaction with the same memo field.

It doesn't use the last transaction entered, it uses the most recent
split with the same memo field. At any rate, instead of hitting 'enter',
which means 'accept everything on this line and go to the next one', hit
'tab', which will autofill the line and take you to the transfer column,
which you can accept as auto-filled or correct. Anothe tab will bring
you to the amounts.

> A second annoyance is that when entering a split gnucash keeps moving the
> bank account line down after each split line is entered. Then I have to
> skip past it for the next split.

Right, I'll put this on my todo list.


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