gnucash newbie question

Thomas Vander Stichele
Tue, 21 Aug 2001 08:52:07 +0200 (CEST)


thanks for the reply.

> My suggestion (I am not accountant either) would be to make 4 income
> accounts (you could have subaccounts if you want to track sources) one for
> each of Thomas, Jeremy, Jeroen, and Peter. 

Can I leave the type (as to cash, or bank) unspecified on them, specifying
them in subaccounts, or is that not possible ?

> Then create some bank accounts
> or an asset account with bank and cash accounts as subaccounts of the house
> asset account. Is it important to track the linkage between the income
> source and the expense? or is it really that each must pay 1/4 of
> everything?

Well, normally 1/4th would do, so I could keep track of it in one account,
but as the case happens to be, Peter pays less rent than the other three
(7500 instead of 9500), and some of the shopping is done for just three of
us since the fourth travels a lot and can't be expected to share equally
in food costs ;) So in that case, I suppose I should use several accounts

> If the latter then you can just make expense accounts for each
> type of expense. For the former I am not sure what to recommend, but you
> may need subaccounts of expense accounts for each person or actually to
> segregate funds in subaccounts of the house asset account according to the
> source.

Thanks again,
I'll try to re-arrange stuff according to your suggestions.


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