more gnucash scripts and reports?

Nikunj Bansal
Wed, 22 Aug 2001 00:21:49 -0700 (PDT)

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Set up an account for each of ur friends with their
name. All these accounts could be under a top level
account maybe called "To/From friends" or whatever u
like. The type of all these accounts will be "Bank".
Then when u loan money... mark a deposit in that
person's account.. when they pay you back, make a
withdrawal from it. Thats how I do it.


--- Matt Kowske <> wrote:
> hello,
> i'm fairly new to the gnucash world and have just
> recently started tracking
> all my expenses.  i am writing for some advice from
> you seasoned users out
> there.  I have my Income and Expense categories
> setup very nicely except for a
> small detail.  Often times I will pay for my
> meals or something from
> the store and they pay me back when they get a
> chance.  This makes it
> difficult for me to enter the transaction into
> gnucash because when I loan
> money to someone... well I lose money, but it isn't
> exaclty an expense because
> i  get it back.  Right now I have an expense
> category called Loan for it, and
> an income category called Payback for when I get
> paid back, but this doesen't
> work so well because it makes my monthly income and
> expense look higher than
> it actually is.  any suggestions?  TIA
> matt kowske
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