Bug reporting troubles.

Jean-David Beyer jdbeyer@exit109.com
Tue, 01 May 2001 16:02:20 -0400

I was running GnuCash and it crashed. On the way down, it popped up a
bug-reporting dialog box, which I filled in as well as I could, and it
e-mailed itself. Here is what I got in reply:

> Subject: 
>          Output of your command 'GnuCash crashed.'
>      Date: 
>          Tue, 1 May 2001 13:37:02 -0400 (EDT)
>     From: 
>          halloween@widget.gnome.org (Bugzilla/Debbugs Script User)
>  Reply-To: 
>          bugmaster@gnome.org
>       To: 
>          jdbeyer@exit109.com
> warning: Package 'general' rejected
> No package corresponding to your bug report was found on 
> bugzilla.gnome.org, so your bug report has been rejected.
> Our old bug tracking system is currently down due to some
> hardware problems and I have no idea how long it will take
> to bring it back or whether it'll ever come back at all.
> Please contact the maintainer of the package corresponding
> to your bug report and ask him what to do with it.
> This means that the bug tracking database for the package you
> selected has not yet been moved to bugzilla.gnome.org.
> Thanks for your patience while we work on migrating the
> entire GNOME project to bugzilla.gnome.org. We believe
> that bugzilla.gnome.org will offer significant advantages
> for our users and developers that are worth some temporary
> pain in migration.
I do not know what the next step is. Since it sent via sendmail
instead of through my Netscape, I have no copy of the message.

It seems a shame that this embedded automatic bug reporting does not

I was running gnucash-1.4.10-1, and wanted to enter a transaction. I
had the proper window open, and had just narrowed a column and widened
another so the drop-down menu would have a scroll bar. That all
worked, but as I was changing the current date to the one I needed, it
briefly put up a notice that there was trouble and then put up a nifty
string of dialog boxes to describe the problem. 

Now it turns out that I was not on-line at the time, so I glanced at
the e-mail that it was going to send. It obviously got a lot of
information. Looked like a stack trace, among other things. But that
is lost now.

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