Closing out a year?

Paul Lussier
Thu, 10 May 2001 16:07:47 -0400

In a message dated: 10 May 2001 15:16:03 EDT
Matthew "T." Jachimstal said:

>It works somewhat nicely, but is a pain to go to EACH account and zero it.

Well, you only have to do it once a year, right?  Hmmm, didn't I see 
you mention "list of accounts to be zero'ed" somewhere?  That has 
"perl script" screaming out to me :)

>> Thanks, I hadn't thought of zero'ing things out for yearly 
>> comparisons :)
>I hadn't thought of archiving each year in its own file. :)
>That would be rather nice to have, just make the beginning balance of
>the asset & liability accounts equal to the ending balance before
>seperation. (Gee, that sound a lot like standard accounting practices.
>:) )

Now if we can just figure out how to get this separation part working!

The tough part is that (currently) we'd have to maintain multipl 
files; the previous year's file, the current/on-going year's file, 
and next year's file which becomes this years file.

	1. When the first "Previous Year" (PY) ends
		- save to a different file name
		- zero out income/expenses in "rolling file" for
		  "Current Year" (CY)

	2. When CY ends
 		- save to a different file name
		- open this new file and delete all PY transactions
		  setting the initial balances of asset/liability accounts
		  to what they were at the end of PY
		- zero out income/expenses in "rolling file" for
		  "Next Year" (NY)	

So, the very first year you start using GnuCash, you'd follow the
steps in #1, but the next and subsequent years, you follow
the steps in #2.

It would be very nice to script this somehow.  In order to do this 
though, we'd need to be able to export a chart of accounts to an 
ascii text file somehow, otherwise it's going to be quite tedious 
typing all that in, and quite prone to error.

The other question I have is, to write this, should we attack this 
from a 1.4.x point of view with the binary file format, or from the 
1.5.x side of things with the XML file?

I'm not using 1.5 yet (though if I ever get any spare time, I may 
start playing with it).  So at this point, it seems to make more 
sense to go with what we have in 1.4.  

I'm seeing this as a command line perl script with something like the 

	closeout --last-year=gnucash-2000 --this-year=gnucash-2001 \ 
		 --rolling=gnucash-rolling --zero-accounts=zero_accts.txt

where:	--last-year	is the file name containing last year's transactions
	--this-year	is the file name containing this year's transactions
	--rolling	is the file name containing everything
	--zero-accounts is the file containing the list of accounts 
			to zero out

Sorry, I started thinking with my fingers and it all just came out.

Am I missing anything major here?  I'm not an accountant, so I don't 
know if there are any procedural steps missing at all.

Any comments?


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