Stocks/Mutuals: my statements don't have +/- shares; how to enter?

Chris Shenton
15 May 2001 00:10:24 -0400

Been using GnuCash for only a few months now and am trying to enter
various 401(k) statements I get.  One statement shows:

Fund            ___Shares___    _Share_Price_   _Market_Value__
Name            Last    This    Last    This    Last       This

FidelityGrowth  62.3    62.4    36.2    23.3    2252.00 1454.83

(No laughing at how my retirement is going down the toilet, please)-:

Anyway: what it doesn't provide is the Number of Shares bought or
sold. This makes it painful to enter into GnuCash.  I have to manually
subtract the shares This - Last then enter that (e.g. 0.1 share) into
the register, then the price/share, then I can let GnuCash calculate
Total Shares and Balance.

My statement gives me Total Shares and Balance, but GnuCash doesn't
let me enter those -- it wants to calculate them both. 

How do you enter this info if you have statements like this?
Any suggestions for a less painful way to enter this info?


PS: what Transfer account would be appropriate? I just used one I
    called Income:Stocks/Mutuals.