Stocks/Mutuals: my statements don't have +/- shares; how to enter?

Tue, 15 May 2001 21:04:44 -0500

On Monday 14 May 2001 11:10 pm, Chris Shenton wrote:
> Been using GnuCash for only a few months now and am trying to enter
> various 401(k) statements I get.  One statement shows:
> Fund            ___Shares___    _Share_Price_   _Market_Value__
> Name            Last    This    Last    This    Last       This
> FidelityGrowth  62.3    62.4    36.2    23.3    2252.00 1454.83
It looks like you've got the same 401k plan that I've got:-)  What I ende=
d up=20
doing is signing up with NetBenefits and getting an online statement for =
month in question.  It turns out that it is a more accurate way of doing=20
things as there is a place there that will tell you the actual number of=20
shares purchased, price, and when it was purchased:-)  This makes it more=
accurate for the stock report as well:-)  Then during the weekdays, I use=
gnc-prices to maintain the current prices.  Makes the stock report look a=

As far as entering the data, it's still a double entry thing, cause like =
say, gnucash likes to calculate everything, and you do gotta watch it whe=
you do the split thing as well, cause it recalculates again, and you gott=
a go=20
up and correct again.  I guess that's just a bug in that part of it, but =
would help as well if you could do basic math on the entry line:-) (This =
is a wish for the next version)

As far as what transfer fund, I've set one up for the portfolio that I'm=20
working with, in this case Fidelity, and that is the 'cash' transfer poin=
for those funds, money goes in from my paycheck, and gets transferred out=
purchase the shares:-)  That way everything is grouped together, and I ca=
get a group balance as well:-)

cya l8r
Leon D. McClatchey

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