initial amount in accounts (1.4 to 1.5.95)

James LewisMoss
20 May 2001 22:38:47 -0400

>>>>> On 20 May 2001 20:59:35 +0200, Fran=E7ois Jan <> said:

 Fran=E7ois> Hi, I just installed gnucash 1.5.95 and I remarked when
 Fran=E7ois> creating a new account that we could choose an initial
 Fran=E7ois> amount. I would like to set one for my bank account that I
 Fran=E7ois> created in gnucash 1.4 where this possibility didn't
 Fran=E7ois> exist. What I did at the time was to put a deposit with no
 Fran=E7ois> transfer account. So my question is

 Fran=E7ois> 1) Is it possible to set the initial amount in an existing
 Fran=E7ois>    account ?
 Fran=E7ois> 2) if not, how can I create a new account and transfer my
 Fran=E7ois>    old one
 Fran=E7ois> without loosing the transactions involving the last one ?

If I'm understanding you.  What you want to do is create an Equity
account (Begining Balances) and transfer the money from there to your
bank account.  You should be able to easily just change the
transaction you already have to fix this (without deleteing it,
creating a new account, etc).

This is all that happens with the account creation in the newer
gnucash.  An equity account is created and the balances are transfered
from there.


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