GnuCash and running a business?

Linas Vepstas
Wed, 23 May 2001 13:30:51 -0500

On Tue, May 22, 2001 at 04:25:05PM -0400, Paul Lussier was heard to remark:
> However, I think it might worthwhile to use GnuCash 
> as the General Ledger interface for something like GnuEnterprise?!

Well, a while ago, I made a stink about how gnucash could server as a
client for a client-server system, and we now have an rpc interface,
and a broken http-xml interface.  But no one really took the bait.
No one got as excited as I did.

I'm still pretty excited. the flag I waved around was 'an
internet-enabled financial browser': since it caches data locally,
and thanks to the gtk interface, it has a much nicer interface,
and is far more respionsive/interactive than what you culd do with a web