Data files

Doc Lloyd
11 Aug 2002 20:42:37 -0500


I've been using GnuCash for quite a while now (almost two years) to
track my checking/savings/etc...) I'm using version 1.6.6 (from Ximian
Gnome's rpms). I have a directory just for the data files. I've noticed
that every time I save, a .log and a .xac file is saved into that
directory (usually with the date stamped in there along with time if I
save more than once in a day). The directory is over 70MB at this point,
which seems to be a bit high. Are some of the older files just backups
at this point? I won't delete anything until I hear otherwise, but it
seems excessive to have this many files for a program. I thought in
1.6.x the data storage was supposed to be simplified. Any
pointers/information is appreciated. Thanks.

- Greg