total sales-volume charged with v.a.t.

Mw. Mr. V.M.H. Schaars
26 Aug 2002 12:56:37 +0200

Dear all,

I use GnuCash for 2 small companies. Both use V.A.T. tax. I have
separate accounts for v.a.t. and I use them with every transaction.
(split transactions). The form I have to fill in every month asks for
the amount of v.a.t. the company has to pay and receive that month. I
made a nice report in GnuCash that generates these amounts.

That is the easy part. The form, however, also asks the sales-volume of
the v.a.t. that the company has to wear out to the tax-service
(='government'). I can't find a nice way to add up these figures. I have
been doing this myself (with a calculator!). Isn't there a nice way to
make these figures available in the report? I cannot add all
sales-volume, because not all sales are taxed and they are not all
charged with the same percentage. Of course I can calculate the 100%
amount from the tax amount (19%), but that should only be a verifying
mechanism and besides, this doens't account for small differences.

Kind regards,

Veronique Kwaaitaal-Schaars