total sales-volume charged with v.a.t.

Neil Jerram
31 Aug 2002 19:54:00 +0100

>>>>> "VKS" == Mw Mr V M H Schaars <> writes:

    VKS> Dear all, I use GnuCash for 2 small companies. Both use
    VKS> V.A.T. tax. I have separate accounts for v.a.t. and I use
    VKS> them with every transaction.  (split transactions). The form
    VKS> I have to fill in every month asks for the amount of
    VKS> v.a.t. the company has to pay and receive that month. I made
    VKS> a nice report in GnuCash that generates these amounts.

That's interesting.  Did you write new Scheme code to do this, or was
it enough just to select the right options on an existing report?  If
the former, can you share the new code?

    VKS> That is the easy part. The form, however, also asks the
    VKS> sales-volume of the v.a.t. that the company has to wear out
    VKS> to the tax-service (='government'). I can't find a nice way
    VKS> to add up these figures. I have been doing this myself (with
    VKS> a calculator!). Isn't there a nice way to make these figures
    VKS> available in the report? I cannot add all sales-volume,
    VKS> because not all sales are taxed and they are not all charged
    VKS> with the same percentage. Of course I can calculate the 100%
    VKS> amount from the tax amount (19%), but that should only be a
    VKS> verifying mechanism and besides, this doens't account for
    VKS> small differences.

So the total that you want to calculate is the sum of all transactions
that include a split to the specified VAT account?  (Or, more
precisely, the sum of the `sale price' split in all transactions that
also include a split to the specified VAT account.)

Although I've not tried anything like this, shouldn't it be possible
to do this by writing the appropriate Scheme code and registering it
as a report?