Check Register and MDI

Gearry Judkins
Mon, 26 Aug 2002 16:16:51 -0400

One thing that I would like to be able to do is make the account
registers open as tabs in my main GNUCash windown when I open them and
not as seperate windows.  If I have half a clue I think this has
something to do with the MDI settings but I have not been able to figure
it out.  I have it set to Notebook style in the GNUCash Prefs and
reports open as new tabs in the notebook view but my check register
opens as a new window.  I tried setting the option in the GNOME control
panel to match how I wanted GNUCash to act but no luck there.  I am
going to cruise around to see what else I can learn but if anyone has
any tips or an explanation as to why I can't or should not do this I
would love to hear them all.


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