EURO sign

Otto Müller
Fri, 30 Aug 2002 08:41:49 +0200

Christian Stimming wrote:
> Christian Pöllmann wrote:
> > Hi folks,
> > i have configured EURO as my currency. However, all reports do not
> > display the EURO sign but a different strange special character.
> > In the HTML export, the character appears to be ASCII 164. This IS
> > the EURO sign!
> > How do I teach GnuCash to display ASCI character 164 as the EURO sign?

> Short answer: You can't. Euro signs in the HTML reports are not
> possible until gnucash is ported to Gnome2, which nobody has started
> so far and won't be the case until way next year.
> Previous discussion:

> Workaround: Change your locale to a locale where euro amounts are
> shown with the string "EUR" instead of the euro sign. For me, that
> was setting LANG=de_DE (instead of LANG=3Dde_DE@euro) in the
> system-wide configuration file.

> Christian

In HTML you can use the meta-character €
When I change the Ascii 164 (or its equivalent ¤) to € in the
html-source afterwards, it looks all fine and prints the same.