Mulitple currency QIF import

Jan Nielsen
Mon, 01 Jul 2002 10:30:47 +0200

Hi all,

I have been trying out gnucash a few times over the years, but have 
always run into the multiple currency QIF import problem.

The thing is that I have some 6-7 years of accounting in Quicken that I 
would hate losing. But as I have lived a fairly complicated life in this 
period ;-) I happen to have accounts and data  in 6 different "old" 
currencies and now also in euro (and obviously also a bunch of cross 
currency transactions in there).

But whatever trick I can come up with for trying to import these files 
into gnucash I always come up empty because it will not allow me to 
retain the original currencies.

In particular the screen "Enter the currency used for new accounts" 
makes me think that this problem is known, but the sentence "This 
limitation should be removed soon" has given me some hope that just 
waiting might be sufficient.

However, if anybody can enlighten me as to whether this might actually 
be on somebodys TODO list I'll be patient (or alternatively if anybody 
already know how to implement this but does not have the time, I might 
be able to find a bit of my time to scratch this itch).

I have lately been trying Gnucash 1.6.6 as installed by Debian.

Best regards