importing quicken (ofx) info

Benoit Grégoire
Tue, 2 Jul 2002 18:15:24 -0400

On Tue 2 July 2002 17:21, Paul Tremblay wrote:
> Sorry that this question has been probably asked hundreds of
> times before, but can gnucash import a quicken (.ofx) file? I
> just downloaded a quicken account from my credit union, and I
> noticed that the format is xml. I could write an xslt script to
> decode this info, and then enter the information by hand, but I
> was hoping gnucash might be able to import it directly.

There is early but working OFX support in Gnucash CVS, using the LibOFX 
library.  Read src/import-export/ofx/README int the CVS tree before compiling 

Dont hesitate to mail me if you have any problems.

Benoit Grégoire