No German Special Characters within the Register

Klaus Dahlke
Sat, 20 Jul 2002 11:28:36 +0200 (MEST)

Hi all, 

I have a problem with the fonts in gnucash. I think just I upgraded to

I have as register font helvetica-iso8859-15-10 pt. In the font selection
pop-up of the preferences I can type ü, ä, ö etc and these characters are shown
correctly. I can use account names and description having these characters
and they are shown correctly. When I then type a description in the
description column of the register view (like 'Bücher') the character 'ü' is not shown
in the description filed (only 'Bcher'), but in the status line at the very
bootom of the register screen the complete word includinmg special character
is shown ('Bücher'). After leaving the description filed only 'B' is shown, by
clicking into the description field 'Bcher' is shown again and in the status
line it is again 'Bücher'. 

And in the postgresql database it is stored as 'Bücher'. 

Any ideas to overcome this apart form workaround 'ü' = 'ue'? 


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