installation help

Wes Sheldahl
Sat, 27 Jul 2002 14:39:01 -0400

Hi, I'm trying to build GnuCash 1.6.6 from source on a fairly
recent dRock Linux system. I have guile 1.4, g-wrap 1.3.2, and slib
2d4 installed. ./configure worked fine, but I get the following
error at the end of 'make':

FLAVOR=gnome guile -c \
     "(set! %load-path (cons \"/usr/share/guile\" %load-path)) \
     (primitive-load \"./gnc.gwp\") \
     (gw:generate-module \"gnc\")"
ERROR: Unbound variable: gw:new-module
make[3]: *** [gnc.c] Error 2

I have slib installed in /usr/share/slib, and guile installed in
/usr/share/guile. After checking the mail archives and Google, I did
the following:

    mkdir /usr/share/guile/1.4/slib
    cp /usr/share/slib/* /usr/share/guile/1.4/slib
    guile -c "(use-modules (ice-9 slib)) (require 'new-catalog)" "/"

After doing that, I continued to get the same error from make.

I believe I just installed g-wrap with the standard ./configure;
make; make install, IIRC.

I also have the following environment variable set:

Is there some guile or scheme setup step I missed? Any other hints?

Many thanks for your help,

Wes Sheldahl