HBCI Setup was HBCI Einrichtung

Frank Neudert frank.neudert at familie-neudert.de
Fri Dec 5 20:29:57 CST 2003


I'm very sorry about wasting your time with writing german Questions to
an English mailing list. This was because I'm newbee in using this sort
of communication.

While searching for answers I have found many German entries but I think
this must have been on the other list you suggested (gnucash-de).

Anyway, I will ask my question again in english and next time I will
take better care about the adresses of the lists.

I will cut off the original german text for better reading.

Here comes the Translation of my first writing:

After many tries with different versions of Gnucash I have now finally
build my own RPMs out of a 1.8.8 Source tarball. I have compiled using
the --hbci-enabled switch. Then I have installed from the build RPMs

My Problem is the setup of the HBCI Connection.

I have a redhat 9, with updates from RHN. The relevant packages are the

no libchipcard. My bank is using a RDH File

I have created the openhbci configuration file according to the
description from http://www.linuxwiki.de/OpenHBCI. There is told how to
modify the File if there are some special circumstances with the bank.

At my bank the special is that they are using HBCI version 2.2

I have entered the information about the userid and account number
according to the letter from the Bank. But if I try to do the
syncronizing, Gnucash exits after asking for the password without any
further information.

In my console window is only written "Abgebrochen" this means something
like "Canceled" or "Terminated", nothing else.

If I try to use a invalid userid for the bank, then I get the following
Message in the protcolwindow:

gnc_hbci_api_execute: Error at executeQueue: no matching entry found"

I have also tried to install gnucash-debuginfo which was build with my
RPMs, but there were no furvther informations for the time when the
program crashes.

I hope, that someone have another idea for me. Maybe to get out more
information. I think that it can't be a really big problem, but maybe
I'm only not able to see it.

Thank you in advance

with regards

Frank Neudert

here I paste the content of my .openhbci configuration file:

name="BW-Bank Stuttgart"

Am Fre, 2003-12-05 um 15.40 schrieb Derek Atkins:
> Hi.
> gnucash-user is an English list.  Could you re-ask in English?  Your
> other alternative is to try asking on gnucash-de in German.
> Thanks,
> -derek

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