tracking mileage as a business expense

Matt Scafidi McGuire mattkat at
Wed Dec 17 07:38:53 CST 2003

I've been using Gnucash for personal finances for a while now.  Recently 
I started using it for my consulting business.  My question involves 
tracking and reimbursing for business mileage expenses on a personal car.

I may be mistaken, but I believe it has been explained to me that my 
consulting biz should pay me $.35/mile (or whatever the IRS recommends) 
for use of my automobile.  The biz then claims those expenses at tax 
time.  Is that correct?  Is there a way to track mileage directly in 
Gnucash (69,000mi-69,204 for trip on 6/19/03 to ...)?  It seems like it 
would be really nice if that could be associated with business jobs or 
invoices, but that may be not well thought out.  Does anyone have any 


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