Scheduled Transactions Howto?

Marcus Hanwell linux at
Sun Nov 2 22:01:25 CST 2003


I am trying to start using GNU Cash. I am running Gentoo with GNUCash
1.8.4. Everything seemed to be going pretty well until I tried to start
setting up scheduled transactions. Most of my payments are either 4
weekly or monthly direct debits and I would like to add them all in as I
used to in Quicken.

All I really want to do is tell it what dates they are taken on, and how
much they are (generally fixed amounts each month). I have searched all
over for some kind of guide to this, and I cannot find it. If I have
missed it I would appreciate someone pointing it out to me.

If I haven't missed it I would be happy to put together a simple guide
if anyone is willing to help me figure out how to get scheduled
transactions working.

Any help would be appreciated anyway.

Thanks in advance,


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