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Rory Campbell-Lange <rory at> writes:

> 1. Import and Export
> --------------------
> I've successfully imported a file from my bank's website which has a QIF
> format. Big suprise! However I have been running my (very small)
> company's accounts using Filemaker over the last 18 months and would
> ideally like to import this data which could be presented in .csv or
> .tab formats.

GnuCash cannot import a csv or tab format file.

> I'd like to know how easy it is to export data to csv or something like
> that. My accountant uses Excel and I'd like to back my accounts up to
> postgres. 

You could write a report to generate the HTML table and export it that
way, but there is no QIF/CSV/TAB export, either.  Also note that
postgres does NOT support any of the business features
(customer/vendors, invoices/bills, etc).  So if you plan to use the
business features, you're (currently) stuck with the lame XML file

> 2. VAT
> ------
> In the UK most transactions require VAT to be paid at 17.5%, which is
> then recouped by Customs and Excise. Do I have to do a transaction split
> on every VATable item to render it to a VAT account?

Yes, this is how you have to do it unless you use the Tax Table
support in the Invoice/Bill features.

> 3. Dealing with imported data
> -----------------------------
> I have a personal bank account for which I would like all the data to be
> simply imported, and not be required to run a transaction against each
> entry. Is this possible to achieve?

I dont understand...  Could you rephrase the question?

> Similarly, is it possible to define a default transaction for any
> imported data when imported to a particular account?

Again, I don't understand the question...  Are you trying to match
an imported transaction to a hand-entered transaction?

> Is it possible to detect duplicate data entries on import? (i.e. when I
> have data from the same dates mistakenly imported twice.)


> 4. Fonts
> --------
> OK, this isn't a fair question! I'm running Debian testing/unstable and
> I spend my life in blackbox/xterms. The only app I use at the moment
> with a conventional gui is Firebird, which has very smooth fonts.
> Gnucash's fonts look very jaggedy in comparison. Messing around with the
> font preferences hasn't helped (in fact, the display fonts don't change)
> -- maybe the error message noting a missing library ( has
> something to do with it?

This is a problem with gnome1.  It will get fixed with the gnome2
port, which has real, anti-aliased fonts.  There isn't much you can do
until then.  Sorry.

> Thanks for all and any help.
> Rory


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