save reports to html/ps/pdf/png?

Wolcott, Ken (MED, Compuware) Ken.Wolcott at
Tue Nov 4 09:56:39 CST 2003


  I'm using gnucash 1.8.2 at home (Red Hat 8.0) and gnucash 1.6.6 (Red Hat 
8.0) at work.  I do not have a printer at home, but I have a printer at work.  
If I generate some reports at home, can I print them at work using an earlier 
version of gnucash?  If so, what file(s) do I need to bring (*.xml?) on a 
floppy?  If at all possible, is there a way to preserve the output in an 
html/ps/pdf/png format so that I don't have to worry about gnucash 
availiability or even platform availibility?  I really need to get these 
reports to our CPA who doesn't grok anything other than quickbooks.

Ken Wolcott

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