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Tue Nov 4 13:24:26 CST 2003

On Tuesday 04 November 2003 13:15, warlord at MIT.EDU wrote:
> Rory Campbell-Lange <rory at> writes:
> > Thanks very much for your help, Derek and John.
> >
> > The question I am still unclear about is:
> >
> >     Similarly, is it possible to define a default transaction for any
> >     imported data when imported to a particular account?
> >
> > I imagine when inserting 300 records from my bank account download file,
> > it would be good to have these by default debit against
> > Business->Expenses or something and credit against Business->Creditors
> > or something. (You can tell I'm confused!).
> Aha, that's what you mean.  When you import a specific account, you
> automatically attach it to one GnuCash account (i.e. the GnuCash
> representation of your Bank account).  The "other end" of each
> transaction will get matched based on a number of criteria.  No, there
> is no way to set a default; you have to manually go through an set the
> "far account" on each transaction.

Note however that if you use OFX, the bayes filter get's filled on the fly, so 
if you match from top to bottom, after you've matched a statically 
significant portion of your transactions, you will have very few changes to 
make on the other ones.
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