Scheduled Transactions Howto?

Sebastien Millet milletse at
Wed Nov 5 03:09:05 CST 2003


> > > I am trying to start using GNU Cash. I am running Gentoo with
> > > GNUCash 1.8.4. Everything seemed to be going pretty well until I
> > > tried to start setting up scheduled transactions. Most of my
> > > payments are either 4 weekly or monthly direct debits and I would
> > > like to add them all in as I used to in Quicken.
> > > 
> > > All I really want to do is tell it what dates they are taken on,
> > > and how much they are (generally fixed amounts each month). I have
> > > searched all over for some kind of guide to this, and I cannot
> > > find it. If I have missed it I would appreciate someone pointing
> > > it out to me.
> > > 
> > > If I haven't missed it I would be happy to put together a simple
> > > guide if anyone is willing to help me figure out how to get
> > > scheduled transactions working.
> > 
> > The way i do is to normally enter the transaction in the ledger,
> > then right click and select "Cédule" (sorry for the french word, i
> > think the english translation is "Schedule").
> > 
> > Another way is, in the accounts window, by going in the "Actions"
> > menu,"Scheduled transactions" (again, it may not be the exact
> > english word) submenu, and select "Scheduled transactions editor"
> > (approximate english word). A window pops up and you can add, remove
> > or modify your scheduled transaction.
> > 
> > Hope this helps, and please forgive my poor english :-)
> There's nothing wrong with your English. It's a whole bunch better
> than my French. After reading your note, I had a look at the various
> menus and under "Actions" is a menu item "Scheduled Transactions" and
> then under that is a menu item "Scheduled Transaction Editor". The
> editor looks like it could do neat stuff but the problem is, I think,
> that there is no help that addresses scheduled transactions, at least
> not any that I could find. I think what Sebastian is proposing is a
> small group to figure out the various ways to handle scheduled
> transactions and write up a how-to, possibly submitting it to the
> developers for inclusion in the help system. Sebastian, did I get
> close or am I all wet?

Hum, there's some confusion in there, Marcus is the one who asked the
question and proposed to work on a howto, i simply answered. Still i
could help making this Howto, but i don't know which format to use,
would a HTML page with a few screenshots be ok ?

I use the french version of GnuCash but can turn it to english for the
screenshots (locales are great !).

So is there anyone who knows the usual way to submit a help improvement

See ya

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