Scheduled Transactions Howto?

Sebastien Millet milletse at
Wed Nov 5 03:15:54 CST 2003


(please answer below text, it's easier to understand)

> > I think what Sebastian is
> > proposing is a small group to figure out the various ways to handle
> > scheduled transactions and write up a how-to, possibly submitting it
> > to the developers for inclusion in the help system. Sebastian, did I
> > get close or am I all wet?

> I'm with you guys. Tried to use the scheduled transaction tool and 
> can't get it to save anything I enter. Everytime I re-open the 
> scheduling window, it's empty.

I had this problem the first time i tried to make scheduled transactions
with the editor (instead of right clicking on an already entered
transaction), and IIRC it was because the transaction was empty (the
ledger part, named "Template Transaction", was not validated).

It's a bit confusing, that's why i don't use the editor anymore, i
always enter the first occurence of the transaction to schedule then
right click ->"Schedule...".

Looks like the HOWTO is necessary, i will work on a HTML draft for this.


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