Scheduled Transactions Howto?

Stephen Fisher slfisherf1 at
Tue Nov 4 21:28:44 CST 2003

Great. Thanks Sebastien. Would seem to be a bug if you can't enter a 
transaction to schedule directly into the editor. May be problem with 
my setup as I noticed xterm window did report a couple errors shortly 
after trying to schedule something. I will try an report the errors 
back next time I give it a go.


On Nov 4, 2003, at 8:15 PM, Sebastien Millet wrote:

> Hi,
> (please answer below text, it's easier to understand)
>>> I think what Sebastian is
>>> proposing is a small group to figure out the various ways to handle
>>> scheduled transactions and write up a how-to, possibly submitting it
>>> to the developers for inclusion in the help system. Sebastian, did I
>>> get close or am I all wet?
>> I'm with you guys. Tried to use the scheduled transaction tool and
>> can't get it to save anything I enter. Everytime I re-open the
>> scheduling window, it's empty.
> I had this problem the first time i tried to make scheduled 
> transactions
> with the editor (instead of right clicking on an already entered
> transaction), and IIRC it was because the transaction was empty (the
> ledger part, named "Template Transaction", was not validated).
> It's a bit confusing, that's why i don't use the editor anymore, i
> always enter the first occurence of the transaction to schedule then
> right click ->"Schedule...".
> Looks like the HOWTO is necessary, i will work on a HTML draft for 
> this.
> Bye.
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