entry transaction not only at bottom

greg gmott at ntlworld.com
Thu Nov 6 06:09:38 CST 2003

hello gnucasheteers,

i frequently find myself entering transactions from "awhile ago".  so
first, i'll be up looking to see if it was already there, then i have to
go to the bottom to enter it, then when it's entered it disappears off
the top of the window, and i have to scroll up again to find it.

if several such transactions need to be entered, you watch them all
disappear as you enter them, presuming and hoping they will be there
when you're done.

so, it would be preferable to have the location of entry be vertically
located according to the date of the transaction being entered.

i propose that whenever the "blank" or "entry" transaction has a date
(or whichever field is being sorted) less recent than existing
transactions, that the "blank" or "entry" transaction be located BOTH at
the bottom AND vertically whereever it belongs.  both locations would
show the yellow color and update during typing.  if the upper one was
selected, when the user changes the date, scrolling should follow the
transaction as it changes its vertical location.  some of this is
already what happens anyway when modifying an existing transaction.

or frankly i personally would be just as happy if the entry transaction
were located only "where it belongs" and not (necessarily) at the
bottom, since there already is a command to go to it ("blank"), but
either implementation would make me quite happy.

additionally i propose an "insert transaction" command that, in the
context of the above, merely changes the date of the entry transaction
to the date of the current transaction, and locates the cursor on the
(upper) entry transaction.

my proposal differs from quicken's insert transaction command
significantly in that the procedure for entering several nonrecent
transactions would not require repeatedly using the insert transaction
command.  instead you would always find the cursor ready to go on a new
transaction, located vertically where it belongs.

what do y'all think?


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