number of lines displayed in register

Christine cej at
Thu Nov 6 11:29:58 CST 2003

i could have sworn there used to be an option in gnucash to specify the
number of lines that are displayed by default when you open a register. i
couldn't find any info on it, so perhaps i'm wrong.
the problem i'm having is that my online bill payer will often schedule
the next 2 months of payments for me. when i open that register, my most
recent transactions have already scrolled off the window.
so, my question is, is there any way to change the default? (hack or

to whomever is responsible for the concepts guide: thanks a bunch! i've
been using gnucash for the past few years and recently stumbled across the
concepts guide. i ended up spending a few hours reorganizing all of my
accounts, adding more detailed expense accounts as well as my 401k and
investment accounts. its nice to have a very detailed breakdown of where
my money is coming/going. its disturbing how much interest you end up
forking over for student loans :)

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